Free Ping Submission Sites List

Ping submission sites are used when you are having an indexing problem of your website on a search engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. now you could have a question that what are ping submission sites.

Ping submission site helps to boost your sites by indexing your website on Google or another search engine; basically, it is the way of getting a backlink from web directories, new websites and feed websites etc. here in this post you will get 100 plus Ping submission sites for 2023 which we have collected for your convenience.

The correct way to use ping submission sites

It is not a rocket science, it is the way to indexing your URLs to the search engine, and there are simple steps to do it, just follow the process given below:

  • The most important thing you will need to have is the free ping submission sites list which helps to ping on the correct ping submission sites
  • Just open the website given below; you are not required to register here.
  • Then you will see a URL box where you have to put the link which you want to index in Google or another search engine.
  • At the end just hit the submit button and complete the process.

These websites allow you to index multiple URL, so any new website or new post or any fresh backlink can be pinged on these ping submission sites and the best thing is that it is completely free

Important benefits of free ping submission sites list

According to the statics, 60% of the backlinks which is created never get indexed by the search engines. Means lot of your time you’re wasting if you are not aware of this thing.

  • Quick indexing of your new site, new backlink or new post of the search engines
  • Grow your ranking on searching engine result page (SERP)
  • Enhance online visibility
  • Attract more traffic on your website

These are the few benefits of using free ping submission website, apart from this a lot of other benefits are also there like having good Alexa ranking and having excellent Google ranking etc.

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