Top 65 High DA Free Video Sharing Sites list 2019

Video submission sites list 2019

Do you wish to boost your website’s Google page ranking by sharing your video content on video submission sites, here is the list assembled by a team of SEO Expert. Videos can get more traffic to your website and can create more leads in comparison to any other post. Your website will get credit ability, organic traffic, genuine high backlink and the most important is increase online visibility.


There are a lot of video Sharing Sites which give you a platform to share and promote your content in video format.

Benefits of sharing the video on top video submission sites

  • These free video submission site helps to spread your content to a wide range of audience through video sharing site list, it helps to increase your brand awareness.
  • A good video content can attract a wide range of audience, keep in mind that your video should not go beyond 5 min to create a good impact on your audience,
  • With the help of these free video hosting sites, valuable backlinks can be generated for web owners and bloggers.
  • Always upload quality content on these top free video submission sites, and convey the audience in an effective manner what you wish something important.
  • Sharing a video on free video submission sites helps you to gain more revenue, if people are liking your website, there is a chance that they will visit your website also, this method is really very appealing to get exposure in the online world.
  • Create a unique video and upload and share video sites, this will increase your engagement with the users.

How to share a video on free video submission site list 2019

Once you have completed a video, and then create an account on free video submission site, put title, descriptions and other required information then upload a video, finally submit it. All the website have excellent rank on Alexa and Google, so these are search engine friendly and provide a hike in your website ranking.


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