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Enlisting your business in top directory sites and advertising your products and services in top classified sites is one of the widely used and effective methods of marketing today. However, many people get confused between the working capacity and efficacy of directory sites and classified sites. If you too are new to marketing, here is what you need to know: directory sites are ‘business listing’ sites and are used for branding, whereas classified sites are ‘products and services listing’ sites and are used for advertising. This means you can use free directory sites to list your website in the online directory to establish web presence of your business or brand, whereas free classified sites can be used to advertise your products and services.

Now that you know the main difference between classified sites and directory sites, here is a list of directory sites 2019 and list of classified sites 2019 that you can use according to your requirement. Ideally, if you have a new business, it is advisable to use one or more of the top directory site and top classified site to promote your brand and increase your customer reach.

List of directory sites 2019:


 Bedpage is one of the best free directory sites to promote your website locally as well as internationally and improve the search engine rank at the same time. It is one of that largest B2B, B2C and C2C marketplaces in India as well as globally. It also offers paid categories, so you can choose the route that best suits you, thus making it a worthy option to get quality backlinks to your website. What is best is that you also have the option to add your own links and then modify them later as and when needed. This is one of the top directory sites and top classified sites in India that attracts millions of users every day. Moreover, Bedpage is one of the very SEO friendly free classified sites and is one of the top ranking classified sites in the list of classified sites 2019 that allow you to use specific keywords while posting ads to increase your ad rank. It lets you establish a good online presence and promote your business through the use of back-linking and advertising through classified ads at the same time.

2. Ebackpage:

 Ebackpage is one of the top directory sites globally that contains a list of all sorts of categories of businesses. This site also allows you to add your own link or modify it later as and when needed.


 Icracker is another worthy mention in the list of directory sites 2019. As of today, the website has a list of more than 1.7 lakh updated websites in its directory, thus also making it one of the largest directory sites in Australia.  It caters to all kinds of websites with more than 674 categories in total.

 4. India Catalog:

 India Catalog is one of the directory sites that enlist the top established Indian companies. You can find the address, contact number and email of every top Indian company in this directory, along with their offered products and services. The site currently boasts of more than 15,000 websites enlisted in its directory.

5. IndiaMart: 

IndiaMart is another widely used entry in the list of directory sites 2019. It is, in fact, the largest and one of the most competent B2B marketplaces in India. It also helps you in establishing a good online market presence by allowing you to reach over a million users every day.


List of classified sites 2019:

1. Bedpage:

Bedpage is the only sites in the list of classified sites 2019 that caters to all types of business models, that is, B2B, B2C, and C2C. This is because Bedpage is not only one of the top free classified sites, but also one of the best top directory sites in India and overseas. Here you can list your business and post your ads for absolutely zero cost. Further, Bedpage has been designed after considering and rectifying all the issues that users usually face with other similar sites. It offers website layout that is clear and clutter free. It allows you to post your classified ads not just locally but anywhere in the world. It allows you to embed your classifieds with specific keywords and improves the SEO of your ads. It also allows you to sort your ads by categories so that it easy for other users to find them. And, lastly, it offers only valid classified ads and filters any spam ads using its extremely thorough verification process.

2. OLX: 

OLX is one of the top classified sites in India today. You can easily post your ad through its desktop website or mobile app. You also have an option to set a fixed price or reveal the price later to the customers interested in your products.

3. Ebackpage:

Ebakpage is another worthy mention in free classified sites for Indian consumers and businesses. It was established in 2008 and has millions of users online every day. As of now, Ebackpage has listings from over 900 cities all over the country, with categories ranging from household goods, automobile, phones, jobs, real estate and more.

4. Ibackpage:

Ibackpage is an American classified site, which has now also become one of the top classified sites in India. It was originally established as an email distributing and listing channel to friends that featured only local events in the Bay Area of San Fransico. However, in the current date, the site has a separate section for different categories like community, resumes, gigs, real estate, jobs, products and items wanted, and discussion forums.

5 .ClickIndia:

ClickIndia is one of the few classified sites that cater to Indian audience only. Here you can post ads for Indian consumer base by specifying a category to your ad. Similar to other classified sites, you can also use this site to post job offers, house for sales, re-selling products etc.

Now that you know the difference between classified sites and directory sites, and have access to the list of top directory sites and top classified sites, happy branding and advertising!

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