How data science is helping to change the world?

Data science is a field which involves a scientific process, methods and algorithms for getting the information from various structured and unstructured data.

This is a technology which helps a lot in real-world and it is enough to change the thing how the business process and we interact with the digital world.

In this post, we will discuss that how data science can be used for making decisions.

It helps in preventing global warming

World economic forum says that data can play a key role in determining the impacts of climate change. Our scientist gets data from the satellites in the mixed form of multiple data.

The data we are getting from satellites get mixed with organization insights like deforestation and other similar subjects which helps to monitor earth condition.

Empowering the developing nations

At present, developing nations are fastest collecting data sets which use data science in a disease outbreak, predicting weather situation and even in daily life situations.

To convert the data into actionable insights many giants companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are supporting analytics program in areas to confirm that they have all the details about the region.

If all the efforts of these developing nation result in something, then they will be more equipped for strengthening their farming situation, controlling the life-threatening of climate, prevent any disease outbreak like COVID 19, swine flue, the expectancy of human life etc.

To control the pandemic like COVID 19

In this coronavirus pandemic where the virus has confined all of us in our homes and the entire world is in the lockdown situation, nothing is moving on the roads economy is on its worst level and lots of companies are facing a dire situation.

In this situation, the only hope of getting out from this situation is understanding the hotspot and determine patter of virus how it is traveling. And this understanding can be developed through data analysis. Organization related to data analysis can track the areas where this virus is mushrooming and they can inform the local bodies of that particular area so that they can take prevention actions.

The perfect example of this method can be understood with the help of AROGYA SETU application, which tracks the affected persons on the basis of data provided by them and informs the other users about the situation.

For a developing nation, data analysis is helpful to predict the possibilities of the climatic event, predictive casual analytics and preventive decisions.

Data science to make predictions

You will need to determine the hidden patterns inside the data sets to make a prediction by using data science technology. Like if you have to develop a model which would determine the patterns and helps in making a decision, you will definitely need data science or machine learning technology.

prescriptive analytics

If a country wants to develop a model which would be capable of making decisions based on intelligence and dynamic measures, it would help a country to do prescriptive analytics.

Predictive casual analytics

You will need to implement the science of predictive casual analytics if you want to use data science to determine the possibilities of an event which is about to happen in the future.

This is all about data science which we have discussed and took an overview of how data analysis can help the world in making important decisions.

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