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If you are a blogger, online marketer, or freelancer content writers, your focus will be on anyhow more people to visit your websites, your content should be like if a visitor is coming to your website then he/she should buy your product or services. The best and effective way to achieve it is to get the idea that what your potential customers are searching on the Google, then create content around those topics.

You can analyze what is in trend by using the tool from Google i.e. Google trends. Search and analyze the term related to your business and domain which help the customers and buyers to reach your landing page. Apart from this, you can get the idea by using the Google keyword planner tool.

How to use Keyword planner tool to work

Keyword planner tool is free to research keyword for your content; it uses Google algorithms by which you will get to know what users are searching for related to your product or business. These algorithms have data of searches performed by the users on Google. You can perform the research for a particular region, for a particular audience, and also for gender basis.

The other thing you can do for keyword research is using Google autocomplete, it also suggests the keyword which the users commonly searching for, it also suggests if you have searched it in the past also, this method also employ you for keyword research, it extracts Google keyword suggestion and presented in front of you.

Analyze competitor website, for which keyword they are ranking

It would be very helpful to know exactly how and on which keywords your competitors ranking in the search engine, if they are ranking on it, you can also rank on the same keyword that you could rank for, various tools are there from which you can take help and monitor your competitor’s performance.

SEMRush and a half are the tools which are most commonly using to analyze and monitor the competitor performance, they provide free trial for a particular period and then charge some minimum fee, but using these tools can effectively save your lot of time and money also.


So there are a few useful strategies and tools which can be used by everyone and it genuinely helps to keyword research. There is no need to be an excellent analyst for keyword research, by using these tools, you can find perfect keyword for your content. Think creatively and you can definitely get the best result for your blog or website related to specific product or services.

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